Customer Manager Buddy

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  • Customer Manager Buddy 2.1

    Manage customers and leads to increase sales and profits. It a complete system that is the application to track customer information such as contacts
  • Customer Manager Buddy Pro

    Customer Manager Buddy 2.1 lets you track leads and
  • Customer Manager for Workgroup 3.8

    Powerful, easy to operate software system for storing and managing customer records, service locations and service history with the additional
  • Customer Appointment Manager 7.0

    Book appointments faster with Customer Appointment MANAGER scheduling software! You won't have to put customers on HOLD or make them wait in silence
  • Customer Appointment Manager Pro 6.0.16

    Customer Appointment Manager Pro allows your customers to request appointments online, even when your business is closed. Main features: - Schedule
  • Customer Info Manager Pro 1.0.11

    Customer Info Manager PRO is a fast, lightweight and full-featured Desktop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. All data is stored on
  • Customer Order/Relationship Manager 3.0

    Features: Process quick and easy basic information like: My Company information Employees Information Product Information Payment Methods
  • IconCool Customer Data Manager 2.2 B10302

    Iconcool Customer Data Manager is a professional customer data management application. It can help you manage and maintain your ever-increasing
  • Customer Info Manager Free 1.0.7

    Customer Info Manager FREE is a fast, lightweight and full-featured Desktop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. All data is stored on
  • Lunch Manager Buddy 2.1

    Lunch Manager 2.1 enables you to easily track lunches and snack for any
  • Hello Customer 1.0

    Wanted to own a Social Networking Site ever? or your business demands aggregating people in some ways? Here comes "Hello Customer". The software that
  • Customer Backup 2.0

    When it comes to small and medium sized businesses, that are seeking a versatile, powerful and yet easy method to start and maintain a Customer
  • Amphis - Customer 2.6

    Amphis - Customer is a customer database that makes it easier to generate quotes and invoices, manage your email, track unpaid invoices, send
  • Amphis Customer 3.0

    Amphis - Customer is a customer database that makes it easy to generate quotes and invoices, manage your email, keep track of who owes you money, send
  • Customer Contact 7.2

    Customer Contact is a customer relationship management tool, designed for sales people with a minimum understanding of computers without compromising
  • CRM Customer Portal 3.0.2

    Actua Software, a company specialized in agile software development focused in customer needs, announced today the release of CRM Customer Portal
  • Customer Database Pro 6.0 Rev 113

    Customer Database Pro Multi-user is a complete customer database and HELPDESK solution. CDB is designed with you, the end user, in mind. You don't
  • Customer Register 4.0.3

    Customer Register helps you to keep in touch with your customers. It is designed to store Contact Details and allow you to find them based on
  • Customer Tracker 2.7.3

    Customer Tracker is a job tracking and invoicing application. Store all of your customers and clients in one program and record the jobs to do for
  • Simple Customer Support 1.0

    If other programs seem like overkill or are web based and you want a simple windows based program, Simple Customer Support may be what you need. The
  • MS Access Customer Template 1.1

    You have to develop a Microsoft Access Database that runs customers, suppliers, products, inventories, invoices, orders ... ? Here’s the tool for
  • Instant Customer Tracker 1.0

    Instant Customer Tracker is your total solution for Customer Tracking and e-mailing your Customer base. With Instant Customer Tracker, you can track
  • Scan To Sage Customer 3.2

    Scan and save as PDF: Attach direct to Sage Customer Account. Simply place the documents in the scanner's sheet feeder, click on the scan button,
  • Atodos - Customer and Vendor 1.6.1

    Atodus - Customer and Vendor is a complete, multi-user, customer database, and help-desk solution. Atodus - Customer and Vendor keeps track of your
  • Customer Support Organizer Pro 2.7

    Customer Support Organizer Pro,database software for Windows. Simple database management system that helps you to organize, track, and manage your
  • Customer Invoice Template 2.0

    The Customer Invoicing Template is an invoice template with the ability to store Invoices, products and customers and perform advanced invoice sales
  • AudioConvert customer discount 1.3

    AudioConvert is a professional solution for converting, ripping, transforming and recording all types of audio files. Some features of AudioConvert
  • Customer Relationship Management v1.0

    # Relation History trackingRelation history tracking enables you to track the history of all your customers, and classifiedthem as workable or
  • Customer Feedback Form 1.2

    As most are aware, nearly all contributions on this website are based on having one 'Catalog/***.pgp file' consisting of PHP and html to create the
  • Customer Support Tool

    Customer Support Tool is a one of its kind application aimed at providing multiple people simultaneous access to customer support E-Mails.
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  • Customer Manager Buddy Pro

    Customer Manager Buddy 2.1 lets you track leads and
  • Buddy Plus for AOL 3.2.1

    TPA Software's Golden Master Add On for America Online. We are proud to offer the first stand-alone Add On to enhance AOL's Buddy List. Buddy Plus for AOL offers you additional enhancements to AOL's Buddy Lists???
  • Desktop Buddy 2.0.3

    Desktop Buddy: Desktop Buddy is a 3D character that acts as a friendly companion while youre at your computer. Your Buddy will remind you of those important tasks you need to do. You can also ask your Buddy to read to
  • AIM Buddy Icon Stealer 1.2.5

    AIM Buddy Icon Stealer is a brand new program for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) that enables you to Steal Buddy Icons from all your AIM buddies. That means you can have and use any of the icons they have used! With
  • Kick the Buddy for iPhone 1.0

    Even if you're a relatively stress-free person you need to blow off steam at some point or another. Kick the Buddy is a PERFECT METHOD OF STRESS RELIEF! Choose the face for the Buddy from your Photo Library or just leave
  • Bonzi Buddy Removal Tool 1.0

    Get rid of the BOMKA virus! Get rid of the BOMKA virus! Bonzi Buddy Removal Tool is a reliable application designed to detect and remove all Bonzi Buddy entries running on your system. It will also make sure that
  • Smart Buddy

    Universal poker Buddy list Smart Buddy is a universal poker Buddy list that allows you to see who is online, and what tables they are playing on. Whether you want to monitor friends or professionals, Smart Buddy
  • EUSOFT Manager FREE 1.05

    Freeware version of popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Improve your relations with Customers and business partners. This CRM software is intended for people who are in everyday contact with
  • Buddy Icon Constructor FREE 1.1

    Buddy Icon Constructor Free allows to create own Buddy icon for on-line messengers (AIM,ICQ, MSN and others) and forums. You can use you pictures, images from Internet, your art-works. Take any image (BMP, JPEG, GIF,
  • State Farm NCAA March Madness Hoops Budd 1.0

    Get your own customizable desktop Buddy that lets you stay up to date on all the NCAA March Madness Tournament action. With your Hoops Buddy, you can: ?? Get live game score feeds from ESPN ?? Choose your hoops Buddy
  • PD-SyncKit 1.2

    PD-SyncKit is a software package including our three best selling Palm Desktop utility software: Conduit Buddy, CustomSync and Log Buddy. The three utility software are integrated into one software package, run in one
  • Buddy Icon Smileys for AIM 1.0

    The smiley Buddy Icons for AIM is a set of free icons to express your moods and feelings on AOL Instant Messenger. These smileys are a simple and easy way to show how you feel while chatting, the Buddy icons are animated
  • Remove Toolbar Buddy 6.1

    Remove Toolbar Buddy heals Internet Explorer by removing toolbars, deleting toolbar buttons, menus, browser helper objects. Remove Toolbar Buddy removes all kinds of Internet Explorer add-ons. Remove Toolbar Buddy
  • CL Buddy 2.6

    CL Buddy is a program that will notify you with a text message to your cell phone or an email whenever new items are Posted that you are interested in.Buddy check full Once installed, start CL Buddy. It will be in your
  • Cosmetic Manager 1.0

    If you need a software to manage your cosmetics business, then Cosmetic Manager is for you If you need a software to manage your cosmetics business, then Cosmetic Manager is for you. The program has many features and its
  • Typing Buddy 1.5

    Main purpose of Typing Buddy is to enable you to type less and write more! Writing emails,articles,even books can be much easier and faster if you can skip typing common phrases all the time.Beside that Typing Buddy
  • autotext-Typing Buddy 1.5

    Main purpose of Typing Buddy is to enable you to type less and write more! Writing emails,articles,even books can be much easier and faster if you can skip typing common phrases all the time.Beside that Typing Buddy
  • middle_man 0.3.0004

    Middle_man will help you to remove some restriction from AOL Instant Messenger. It uses proxy to do this. Middle_man allow the user to customize their messenger as they need. You can log their message normal or secure or
  • Windrop Wallpaper Manager 3.72

    You have probably changed your wallpaper picture before. You've probably used other wallpaper Managers. So what's so different about Wallpaper Buddy? Wallpaper Buddy aims to be the best and most comprehensive
  • Auto Workshop Manager 1.72

    Auto Workshop Manager was designed from the ground up to be first and foremost easy to use, no special training is required.You can produce professional Customer invoices in a matter of minutes and keep track of all
  • Christmas Buddy Icons for AIM 1.0

    Spread the Christmas joy on AIM with this special Christmas Buddy Icon set! This free Buddy Icon Set contains lots of Christmas related AIM Icons, completely free and easy to use. We hope you enjoy these Buddy Icons for
  • AIM Buddy Expression Creator 1.0

    AIM Buddy Expression Creator is a small utilities for instant can Create AIM Expressions through it,and save the Buddy icons, sidebars, and
  • Free Quiz-Buddy 4.1

    Free Quiz-Buddy is a free version of our flagship product, Quiz-Buddy for Windows. Free Quiz-Buddy offers a lot of cool features: funny sounds, skins, four quiz modes, export to Palm, paper tests, flashcard printing
  • Harvest Buddy - Pogo 2.1

    Bid farewell to the mad mania experienced with harvesting, and say hello to Harvest Buddy! This Harvest Mania auto uses complex puzzle-solving strategy to harvest the maximum number of veggies on any difficulty level.
  • BT Reminder Buddy

    Sometimes human being find themselves to be in the midst of big problems by forgetting some important events of their life. Users would be glad if they are provided with some software that allows them to remember
  • Quiz-Buddy Lite 2.5

    Quiz-Buddy Lite - an award-winning learning and test-preparation tool. This Windows program comes with quizzes for learning Multiplication and State Capitals. Learning is accomplished through answering a number of
  • Nalsoft AIM Log Manager 1.7

    Nalsoft AIM Log Manager is a unique and powerful tool to log, organize, and manipulate AOL Instant Messenger conversations (AIM 6/Pro supported), with powerful trend-analysis and organizational tools. AIM Log Manager
  • Block Websites Buddy 4.2

    Block Websites Buddy is a cheap popular website blocker for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7. Block Websites Buddy is compatible with all popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE7,IE8),
  • Mojo Buddy MSN (1-year subscription)

    Mojo Buddy is a tool that finds all the solutios to your word mojo game. Mojo Buddy can enter your selected solution for you automatically, or you have the choice to do it
  • Google Map Buddy 1.4

    Google Map Buddy, a free, portable map maker, grabs data from Google Maps and arranges it exactly how you want it. When you un-zip and run Google Map Buddy, it asks you to choose your Google Map nationality, then opens